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Commitment Ceremonies

In deciding to have a Commitment Ceremony, you are sharing with your loved ones the commitment that you are making to each other.

These ceremonies can follow the general Marriage Ceremony structure, but there no legal requirements.

A Commitment Ceremony is generally held by same sex couples, as they legally cannot be married in Australia.

A Commitment Ceremony can also be held by couples who decide that they do not wish to be married, but want to make a lifelong commitment to each other. Alternatively, you may have been married interstate or overseas and wish to hold a ceremony with your family and friends at home. Since you are already legally married, you need to hold a Commitment Ceremony for the second ceremony.

Like any other ceremony, I like to have both parties involved in the planning of the ceremony. I have sample ceremonies, optional wordings and poems that we can go through. I will also give you a copy to take home to go through and we can then create a ceremony that you will be happy with. When we sit down we will go through all of the options and I will encourage you to add into the ceremony anything that you would like. Alternatively, if you only wish to have a basic and quick ceremony, I can arrange this as well. The ceremony can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish.

If you have any special circumstances or special requests, we can incorporate these into the ceremony.