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Congratulations! How exciting you are getting married.

Your Marriage Ceremony is a very special time in your life where you make a lifelong commitment to the one that you love. This is an occasion you will look back on and will remember always.

A Wedding Ceremony is legally binding, so the decision to be married is an important one.

I like to have the groom and bride fully involved in the planning and decisions in creating their ceremony. This way they have a ceremony that they are comfortable and happy with. The ceremony can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. When we sit down we will go through all of the options and I will encourage you to add into the ceremony anything that you would like. Alternatively, if you only wish to have a basic and quick ceremony, I can arrange this as well.

I have sample ceremonies, optional wordings and poems that we can go through. You may even have some ideas that you would like included into the ceremony. I will also give you a copy to take home and go through. We can then create “your ceremony”. 

If you have any special circumstances or special requests, we can incorporate these into the ceremony.

Basically it is what you want.  We will work together to make your ceremony one that you will be happy with, enjoy and fulfil your wishes.